Recovery Groups

safe place

Hope for HER recovery groups are a safe place to pursue healing, experience encouragement through God-centered community, and and learn practical ways to rest in the promise that the Lord our God is with us wherever we go. Our groups use Sexual Abuse Recovery by His Spirit and a 12 week group model that fosters healing, spiritual growth, and community. Our in-person groups meet at DestinyLife Church in Claremore and Owasso Oklahoma. We also offer a video option with leadership resources for small groups who cannot meet with us locally.

I’ve been in a back and forth dance with the Lord my whole life. A childhood tainted by sexual abuse and rejection; a young adulthood packed to the brim with abandonment; and a very long young-adulthood of trying to feel love, value, and worthiness through inappropriate and desperate sexual relationships. Years of trying to protect myself, tarnishing the design of who I am in Christ. I was brought up feeling love for the Lord, but never knew how to trust Him to be my defender. My protector. Hope for HER has helped me do what no other person, or book, or podcast could ever do: Hope for HER has helped me SEE. I can now see my past and all the things that have aggressively clung to me for so many years, causing countless troubles and damaging relationships. Through Hope for HER, the Holy Spirit has reached me and is now guiding me through my healing. Thank you, Father. I am being called (and being encouraged by the ladies in HFH) to let go of my control and REST for the first time in my life. To focus on God’s love and goodness, to see how much He cares for me, and I am currently walking through trust – letting Him take my hand EVERY STEP of the way. I am on the journey now. I am amidst my healing for the first time in my life. I have a battalion of women who completely understand and accept me, that will fight with me and for me IN THE SPIRIT… and that alone is worth all the treasures in the world. My heart is for Hope for HER for the rest of my life.” – A