Thanks for visiting Hope for HER Ministries. Hope for HER is a sexual abuse recovery ministry local to Claremore and Owasso Oklahoma. Beginning in January 2021, we’re also offering a virtual option for small groups who are unable to meet with us in person.

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“Hope for Her helped me with so much more than healing from the sexual abuse I suffered. From the very beginning it was clear that healing would come by the Spirit of God, and my responsibilities were to just be willing and to position my heart to receive. By his Spirit, I have found freedom from a lifetime of invalidating and denying my emotions. I have stopped feeling the shame of how I “should” or “shouldn’t” feel, and I now embrace my emotions as valuable tools to identify things I didn’t know were in my heart so God can shine his light on those places and they can be healed. I have so much more compassion and grace toward myself, which allows me to extend the same to others. Hope for Her brought healing not only for the damage done by sexual abuse experiences but also for all the different emotional traumas I have suffered throughout life.” – R